Discussion Questions 3/28

  1. Sound’s tangible quality of touch can allow you to understand a soundscape without hearing anything. For example, if you were at a rock concert, you would know there was music playing because of the vibrations of the bass, etc. In this sense, if you were hard-of hearing, you would still be aware of the sound through the vibrations. Additionally, if you were far away from loud noises (like a concert), oftentimes you can feel/hear the vibrations of the bass from far away. For instance, I live about 20 minutes from Merriweather Post Pavillon. If there is a concert with heavy bass, I can feel the vibrations in my windows, or hear the low thud of bass from far away. The bass tone would not be nearly as loud if it was not made from vibrations, as its proximity and connection to the ground expands these vibrations.
  2.  I experienced a heightened moment when riding an airplane. There were multiple instances of heavy turbulence, where the plane would vibrate and move abruptly. There were also sounds associated with this turbulence. However, my sense of touch was heightened for the rest of the flight. Every time I felt the plane shake or move sharply, I expected another wave of turbulence. This was not necessarily the case, as an airplane creates a fair amount of noise and vibrations in its normal flight pattern.

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